Top 6 reasons our people call us.

Ever wondered what questions Australian’s have about retirement? Are they things you might also want to know? Here are the 6 most common questions we address.

1. Can you calculate how much I need to retire?

I want to retire soon. But there are so many questions: How much money do we need? Should we save more? What if I want to retire early? I need practical, actionable advice to plan a secure retirement.

2. Do I have enough savings to retire this year?

I’ve worked hard for decades now and, to be honest, I think I’ve had enough. I’d love to let my employer know I’m leaving, but I’m anxious about whether I have enough super saved and how long it’ll last. Will it be enough? Will the Age Pension help?Can I take the plunge?

3. Do I have enough to meet my retirement goals?

We’re already retired but losing sleep because we have no idea if our savings will last the distance. Do we have enough? Are we spending too much? Or might we be OK to buy this awesome motorhome we found and go on our dream holiday while we can?

4. Am I on track for a good retirement?

OMG we’ve just realised we’re in our 50s now, and it hit us that we’ll be retired in 10 years from now. What is our retirement going to look like? Are we doing the right things? What are our options to get on track?

5. Is my super balance too low for this service?

I’ve read articles about Jubilacion and checked out your website. It is just what I need! But I’m nervous I don’t have enough money to be your typical client. Can I have a quick chat and check?

6. What if…?

At Jubilacion, we also get a phenomenal range of ‘what-if’ questions.Here are some:

  • How much can I safely spend and be confident it’s sustainable for life?
  • What if I retire and then markets crash, I mean, really crash…?
  • What if I work part-time for a while?
  • Can you take into account our expected inheritance?
  • Can you take into account our plans to sell our business?
  • What if we spend more in the first 10 years and reduce this by say $10,000 pa later?
  • Can we afford to pay for our kids’ weddings?
Liam Azzopardi - Jubilacion

Liam has worked in the financial services industry since graduating from the University of Tasmania with a combined Business/Economics degree in 2012. He has extensive experience providing high-level customer service to clients of IT platforms. He holds a Diploma of Financial Planning including the SMSF specialisation and is a keen AFL footballer.