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… with a personalised lifespan calculator.

Retirement is the time to savour the rewards of your hard work, but it’s essential to strike a balance between enjoying life and managing your finances wisely. So, before you indulge in your dream retirement, make sure you have a plan in place!

Without a proper plan, you might risk overspending in the early years of retirement and find yourself struggling to make ends meet down the road. That’s why we’ve taken significant steps to improve our life expectancy calculator, helping you make informed decisions and ensuring your money lasts as long as you do.

Understanding the Lifespan Equation:
Retirement planning involves projecting your assets and cash flows year by year for the rest of your life. A crucial factor in this equation is determining how long your money needs to sustain you. Put simply, it’s about estimating your own potential life expectancy and that of your spouse.

Underestimating your lifespan could lead to running out of funds, while overestimating it might result in unnecessary frugality, depriving yourself of the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Introducing Our Personalised Lifespan Calculator:
We’re thrilled to announce the enhancement of our personalised lifespan calculator, available to all our subscribers. This user-friendly tool tailors the results to your specific circumstances by asking a few simple questions about you and your spouse. Furthermore, you can input your desired level of confidence in your planning horizon, giving you peace of mind.

Built by leading actuaries1 and utilising global data from one of the world’s largest reinsurers of annuities2 , our calculator factors in a range of factors to provide accurate and reliable results. Examples are the fact that females tend to live longer than males and that healthy, active retirees often enjoy extended lifespans. However, it also recognises the element of luck and randomness inherent in individual lifespans and helps you allow for this too.

Your Security and Privacy Matter:
We understand the importance of data security and your privacy. Rest assured that all the data you input is secure, and no personally identifying information is collected or stored. Our focus is solely on helping you plan for a fulfilling retirement, without compromising your confidentiality.

Take a look now:
We can’t wait for you to try out our enhanced lifespan calculator and gain more confidence in your retirement planning. Join the thousands who have already benefited from this invaluable tool. It’s there to help you take charge of your financial future and ensure you’re living the dream, even on a budget.


*Lifespan calculator is hosted by our actuarial brand, Apricot Actuaries. 

1 An Actuary is a professional with advanced statistical skills in maths, statistics and economics. Actuaries deal with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty.
2 An annuity (or lifetime pension) pays the customer a defined, regular income for the rest of their life – however long that might be.

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