About us.

We exist because good answers are hard to find.

For the thousands of Australians approaching retirement, the question “how much is enough” is one that causes frustration. Many people – more than 20,000 Australians turn 65 each month – head into retirement with more questions than clarity.

We are actuaries who want to change that.

We have done the numbers.

We’ll build a model of your retirement that uses your current wealth and retirement goals, your projected lifespan, and external risks, such as market conditions and cost of living increases. This empowers you to make informed decisions about retirement, in particular your safe-spending amount. This is the amount of money you can spend per annum on essential items, indexed to living costs, and be confident that it can be sustained for life through all market conditions.

We stress test your financial scenario through 5,000 plausible sequences of what future investment performance could be for your assets and considering 2,000 possible scenarios for your life expectancies. This covers 10 million simulated scenarios. More >>

For you, that means freedom.

After all the number-crunching and stress testing, we present you with two key results contained in a Financial Freedom Report. Understanding the big picture means you can take action.

You can decide when you’ll be free of work and what you’ll do with your time and money.

You’ll know that you can afford it because we provide results that apply to your lifestyle choices.

You can see the big picture and understand what you can do to enjoy the next phase of your life.

Our service is priceless.

Engaging Jubilacion is a collaboration with our experts who will guide you through the complete picture of how we model your retirement and remove uncertainty around knowing the lifestyle you can afford. Our goal is to impart knowledge, because knowledge is power.

When you know your safe-spending amount, you can decide your future.

“Am I wealthy enough for this service?”

If you’re thinking that way, you might be surprised. We typically work with people who’ll be eligible for an Age Pension at some point in retirement and this greatly helps them design a comfortable retirement. People with almost any level of wealth find our safe-spending insights invaluable. Everyone should have access to the knowledge that enables them to plan their future with confidence.

Retirement should be a time to celebrate.

We’re not selling anything.

We are not financial product advisers, and we will never sell or recommend any particular financial product. Our focus is on the calculations to let you visualise your long-term financial future and to see the impact of decisions in a way that’s easy to understand. More >>

The purpose of this website is to provide general information only and its contents do not purport to provide personal financial advice. Jubilacion strongly recommends that investors consult a financial adviser prior to making any investment decision.

Who we are.

Jubilacion is a new service from Apricot Actuaries to help people remove the uncertainty and fear surrounding retirement decisions. Apricot are a privately owned firm based in Hobart, Tasmania. Being actuaries, we use world-class mathematical models and presentation tools to make the process simple and effective, providing clients with their safe-spending range in a Financial Freedom Report.

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– We calculate your personalised safe-spending level for life

– Help you explore the ‘what-if’ scenarios that matter to you

– Feel empowered to achieve your retirement lifestyle goals

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