Live today, confident you have enough for your tomorrow.

Our Financial Freedom Report allows you to live today, confident you have enough money for your tomorrow, long after you stop working.

A joyful process.

We remove the guesswork for people who want to know how much money they can safely spend each year when they stop working and live the lifestyle they choose.

How it works:

1. We calculate your personalised safe-spending level for life
Spend safely and live confidently, even if living costs go up, markets fall, or you live longer than average.

2. We explore the ‘what-if’ scenarios that matter to you
We consider risk and uncertainty when it comes to life’s big choices, such as working part-time, leaving an inheritance, or selling a business or property.

3. We empower you to set an actionable plan for your lifestyle goals
Visualise the big picture and take the right steps to achieve the future you want.

Jubilation (English.) noun. A feeling of great happiness, especially because of success.

Jubilación (Spanish.) noun. Retirement.

We believe that both definitions are the same.

Numbers that matter.

Understanding the big picture means you can take action.

You can decide when you’ll be free of work and what you’ll do with your time. You’ll know that you can afford it because we provide results that apply to your lifestyle choices. You can see the big picture and understand what you need to do to enjoy the next phase of your life.

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